Sugarbutty Creations
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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid...

We're unleashing on you puny humans, an army* of miniature Angry Beethams: Manchester's tallest, angriest building. Lazers may be deployed as our felt Angry Beethams go on sale via our Etsy shop...

*limited edition of 25.

Beetham versus Beetham

About Us...

We are Sugarbutty Creations, designers of creative playthings and collectable paraphenalia. Born among the grey streets of Manchester, we gather our own colourful ideas from far and wide to come up with beautiful objects d'art and promotional concepts.

If you're bored of the band t-shirt or the corporate pen, we're the solution you've been longing for. We've got ideas aplenty and we'd love to work with you

On this website, you'll be able to see projects we've worked on, commission us and buy small items, or just get in touch to find out what we're all about.

The International Sugarbutty Creations Community:

Do you own some of the White Stripes Nesting Dolls? Do you want to advertise the fact? We're setting up our own little online world, so if you want to become part of it send us an email and visit our map.