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The Arty One
Tracy Ireland.

The Organised One
Padma Inala.

Tracy is a graduate of MMU's Fine Art course, specialising in printmaking. Her own art practice is often influenced by lyrics, poetry, and random scraps of remembered trivia, which is a fascination she brings to her merchandise designs. Her penchant for rescuing dusty old tomes from the recyclers is another source of inspiration, as is her love of all creatures great and small.
She likes cups of tea, buttons, old rock 'n' roll songs, and hates having her photo taken.

Globetrotting Padma is a long time friend and one time boss of Tracy, and she joined Sugarbutty Creations in January 2013. Padma is a post graduate in Library and Information of Leeds Metropolitan University and has travelled to more countries than most people have heard of. She shares the Sugarbutty passion for Manchester City Football Club, and her crafty interests include textiles, bookbinding and papercrafts. Padma's likes are music, books, birds (particularly owls), her blue and white shed, and her pure white, heterochromatic cat, Pearly Stardust.

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