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Cut in the Hill Gang 2009 UK Tour Poster

Colour Litho Print, A2 size (59.4cm x 84cm)
Series: 60

Getting behind bright young things is something we love to do at Sugarbutty (we are, after all, only toddlers ourselves!). And so when the opportunity arose to create a tour poster for Cut In The Hill Gang, a fantastic new blues-rock band from Ohio fronted by former Soledad Brothers head honcho Johnny Walker, we jumped at the chance (right after we'd finished jumping for joy). And we felt doubly blessed to promote Cut In The Hill Gang's debut UK tour because The Soledad Brothers were one of our favourite live bands in the world before they split in 2006. Cut In The Hill Gang, though, are slashed from the same chaotic cloth, and because the band has a strong, vital sound we needed a powerful design to match - and what could be more powerful than this image of the King of the Jungle?

Sold at UK shows in February 2009.