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Come and chat to us on or browse through pictures of our work on Instagram.

Things we like...

The lovely folks at Manchester Craft Mafia often host markets and crafty lessons in our home town, and we heart them.

Salford Museum and Art Gallery host monthly crafty lessons, sell fab artisan items in their 'By Hand' shop and the cafe has the most amazing cakes!

There's always a bargain to be found at Stockport Vintage Village: this place is full of inspiration and materials for our own creations! Plus Stuart Thornley Cakes are always there with their amazing cakes... just to keep us going like.

Despite him being a total grump, we love Angry Beetham. His furious rantings against the trams, sky, pigeons, commuters, lightening, sunshine, drunks, buses, rain, parades and etc. have us chortling. He will destroy us all!