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White Stripes Nesting Dolls

Enamel paint on turned wood (seven pieces) - $30

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The finished articles

Originally created as a gift for the band during their Get Behind Me Satan tour in 2005, the dolls featured Jack and Meg in the outfits from their five albums: The White Stripes, De Stijl, White Blood Cells, Elephant and Get Behind Me Satan, the latter being the largest doll. Because the sets of nesting dolls were seven-piece sets, the sixth piece featured a candy-cane pattern (a constant feature of the band's artwork) and the smallest seventh doll was a bowling alley pin as a nod to their early giveaway single Hand Springs.

The original set of 'Blackpool Dolls' in 2005

We were fortunate enough to be able to pass the dolls to Jack on the first of their two-night stand at the Empress Ballrooms in Blackpool. He and Meg were so delighted with them that they put a set on stage each night. The original sets featured Jack and Meg dolls in each set. Jack's set was: J/M/J/M/J/candycane/pin, and Meg's: M/J/M/J/M/candycane/pin.

The White Stripes prototype De Stijl prototype White Blood Cells prototype Elephant prototype Get Behind Me Satan prototype Icky Thump prototype

When The White Stripes embarked on their new Icky Thump tour, we were asked by the band to recreate the set featuring the pearly king and queen outfits from the latest album artwork. It was a labour of love that took hours of painstaking design and painting to complete (and the surrender of many braincells to the enamel paint fumes!), but the results amazed us all.

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Sold via in December 2007.