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As we sit with steaming mugs of tea and the occasional chocolate based snack, musing on the oddities of life, we often wonder where in the world all the little Jack and Meg dolls got to. So now we've decided to find out, and get to know all the lovely Candy Caners out there who have given a home to an idea created at the kitchen table of Tracy's mum.

All you have to do is drop us a line at (or our Facebook and MySpace pages if you prefer), tell us who and where you are, and maybe add your own little message. We'll then add you as a marker on our map: hopefully bringing nations together and promoting world peace via the medium of Rock 'n' Roll Merchandise!

Tracy SugarbuttySunny Manchester, UKThe smell of white spirit took a long time to go away, AND I lost some brain cells...
Sarah SugarbuttyChangable Salford, UKConceived in Latvia, born in Manchester, adopted in Blackpool, rebirthed in America and now gracing houses all over the world: neither of us knew that would happen.
ErinManchester, UKI love them!
John, 23Chester, UKI remember these dolls , when they were just a twinkle in creators eyes.
PanosGreeceHey! Me and my nesting dolls live in Greece.I will soon post my dolls placed in my bedroom (have to find the pics) so perhaps a gallery to accompany the map would be a nice idea to add to the site. [great idea - SbC]
JudyLondon, UKI love my Meg and Jack dolls.. although in Africa where I'm sporn they are called Russian dolls x x x
This Meg is Not a RobotBowling Green, Kentucky, USI've got a set! Love em! Thanks for being the creative girls you are!
Mandy LeeSanta Rosa, CA, USI love my little darlings. They rest on my mantle sitting peacefully away from our kitties.
LaurieJuneau, Alaska, USMy nesting dolls hang out in my curio cabinet and play with the mini tea set I have in there, each night when I'm asleep. The crumpet crumbs and the tiny, wet tea bags give them away. But mostly, they are well behaved. Although, I did catch them coming in early one morning, having snuck out for karaoke. I've learned to lock the cabinet. :)
MattMadison, Wisconsin, USMy name is Matt and am a proud owner of Jack and Meg nesting dolls. Thank you so much for your hard work. I saw your map of the world website and I would love to be added to it.
KaseyLSKent, CT, USI love love love my Jack & Meg nesting dolls! The live on my mantle and are one of the few things in my home I remember to dust regularly....would hate for Meg's hat to look dirty!
Mr. TCairns, AustraliaI'd like to say thanks for creating these guys and gals! I used for my own artistic endeavors!
orangeshoeskidSavannah, GA, USAI LOVE my set of nesting dolls and they are on my mantel. It's the only White Stripes Merch my mom lets me keep out. Thank you Tracy and Sarah for your creative genius!
Nate, 33Dixon, IL, USAI have your Jack doll, and he brightens up any room he wanders into. Elephant Jack is a bit a curmudgeon sometimes, though.
Phil & PamOrange, California, USAOur nesting dolls reside on our bookshelf where they are often seen enjoying a good book or singing a campfire tune.
rbAberdeen, Scotlandgot to be the coolest merch ever, even if Meg's hat is always falling off..... ;)
Jeff & AlexanderBoca Raton, Florida USAI bought a set of your Jack and meg nesting dolls quite awhile ago. My son Alexander and I are big fans of the White Stripes and as a hobby besides going to their shows, we collect items associated with them.The dolls are the favorite in our collection of white Stripes memorabilia, and definitely the most original.Although we keep all the dolls together in the largest one for display, occasionally we take the others out, much to the delight of my 3 yr old!...we appreciate your creativity....
Lori & AdamHalifax, Nova Scotia, CANADAWe love our nesting dolls, and are happy to give them a home. They are truly unique and beautiful. Thank you so much!
Amy LynnWichita, KS USAI am a proud owner of the Jack & Meg dolls! Can I just say that my dolls ROCK! I love them!
DanielPort Tobacco, MARYLAND USAI too love my Jack and Meg nesting dolls. Unfortunately they are still in the box as I am waiting till I have the proper display case for all my White Stripes and Raconteurs memorabilia. I love collecting things but these bands are by far my favorite. They always to come out with new, fresh, and original stuff. But I am getting anxious for some new White Stripes stuff!!!
Carol & JimManchester, UKCreated at our kitchen table, we're as proud as punch. We thought they were bonkers at the time.
Shannon GironReserve, New MexicoI am happy to say I have a set of your dolls. Thank you for all the TLC you put into your work. I <3 them!! =o)
Valerie and Fiona PestanaSan Jose, CaliforniaMy daughter, Fiona, is the proud owner of a Meg nesting doll. You asked where the dolls and their owners live, and we are located in San Jose, California. I bought the Meg nesting doll in early 2008 as a Valentine's Day gift for my then 8 year old daughter. Fiona is a big fan of The White Stripes (so is Mom!) and she would like to play drums like Meg. [An admirable ambition!]
ClaireNorth WalesI am a proud owner of a pair of Jack and Meg nesting dolls and also a very proud big sister of one of their creators. I thought and still think the girls are both crazy but their imagination knows no bounds!!
The De Stijl dolls are my favs, they look so chubby!! Thanks again Sarah, you are a star!! xx
AraBethesda, MD (US)Howdy! My name is Ara and I'm writing to tell you about my Jack and Meg nesting dolls. Jack & Meg stand side by side in front of their respective album covers on a shelf of their very own. The kids call it "Mom's Shrine" but I know they are just jealous. Thank you for becoming part of our story.
JaneySunny Cardiff, WalesJack and Meg sit behatted on my fireplace bringing a smile to my face every time I look at them. The real Jack and Meg are welcome to visit any time they like.
DianeEdinburgh, ScotlandI love my set which sit proudly on my black and red fireplace in my black and red kitchen. When I first arranged them it took me a few days to realise something was wrong..... then rearranged them so that Meg was on the left like she always is on stage. Sad, I know.
MarlaAlbuquerque, NMI bought these dolls on EBay Feb. 1, 2011 and then received the heartbreaking news of the White Stripes break-up the following day! Receiving them in the mail was bittersweet. They are a permanent fixture next to my turntable!
HarryLong Island, New YorkI have these amazing nesting dolls on display next to my turntable and always get asked to show people all the little ones inside :).
Ryan and GabrielleTillsonburg, ON, Canada Thanks so much you two! I just bought a set of the Meg and Jack dolls from a friend for my girlfriends birthday. She loves these things so much. Thanks for putting a big smile on her face. They will forever be in loving hands.